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Final Fantasy VIII - Seed Ranking and Mission

Category: Final Fantasy 8

How you fare during the Fire Cavern and the Dollet missions will determine your SeeD Rank upon graduation. After that, your rank will be influenced by your choices, your behaviour and the outcome of certain battles. If you have been wondering why you keep getting demoted, here are the answers.

For graduation you will be judged in the categories Conduct, Judgement, Attack, Spirit and Attitude. You will receive a score (in leaps of 10) between 0 and 100. These scores are added up and divided by 5 to obtain your overall rank. You will be awarded a bonus of 100 if you meet a very special requirement. The maximum rank you can graduate with is 10. The lowest that I have had is 5.

You are judged according to the time left from the countdown after the Dollet Mission. The faster you complete the mission, the more points you are awarded. If you return to the beach with 25 minutes left, you will receive 100 points; 20 minutes left will earn you 70 points; 15 minutes left will earn you 40 points. If you have 3 minutes left you will receive 10 points; anything less than that means 0 points for conduct.

This is calculated from your Fire Cavern quest. Your points are awarded depending on how close to your chosen time limit you defeat Ifrit. If you decide you need 30 minutes and then defeat Ifrit with 1 minute left on the clock you will receive 70 points. For 100 points you need to finish the battle with 7 seconds or less remaining. If you need 10 minutes less than estimated you will receive 40 points. Should you need 15+ minutes less than you estimated you will not receive any points for judgement.


This score is based on how many enemies you defeat during the Dollet mission without using GFs. Defeating more than 75 enemies will earn you 100 points, defeating 20-24 opponents earns you 50 points. For 10-14 defeated enemies you will receive 20 points; below 10 defeated opponents means 0 points for attack.

This score is calculated from the number of times you escape from battles during the Dollet Mission. One escape still allows you to gain 100 points, 2 escapes lower the score to 70 points. 5-9 escapes reduce the number of points to 30. If you run from battle more than 10 times you will not receive any points for spirit.

Your attitude starts out with 100 points. These will decrease with the number of penalty points you "earn" during the Dollet Mission. Adhere to the following to avoid receiving penalty points. Each rule not obeyed will lose you 20 points for attitude.

Don't talk to anybody outside your party. This is a military mission, not a day off!
Don't walk to the communications tower from the town square with Seifer's HP at 0.
Don't jump down the ledge outside the tower after Selphie does.
Make sure you shoo the dog away in Dollet's town square while fleeing from X-ATM092
Don't hide in the pub while X-ATM092 stomps past you.

You will be awarded 100 bonus points if you manage to defeat X-ATM092.



The best means to increase your SeeD rank over time is to fight battles without summoning your GFs. Try battling more than 10 monsters in this manner in-between salary payments. This will increase your evaluation points and (in the long run) your rank. If you spend too much time simply wandering around or endlessly playing cards you will eventually be demoted. Since you will encounter nastier monsters as you progress through the game, the quickest means of completing you battle rounds is to seek out monsters in the areas you visited earlier in the game. The beasts of Balamb Island or those of the Hasberry Plains around Dollet are easy prey for experienced fighters.

Your behaviour during and success at certain events also influence your rank. Here are some of them:

1) Don't try to leave Balamb Garden through the South Gate on graduation night before going to sleep after rescuing Ellone in the Training Centre. If you try to leave three times you will be demoted.

2) You will gain a SeeD rank level if you don't get caught by the red and blue soldiers patrolling the presidential train while entering the codes during the hijacking mission. If you are detected more than 10 times (meaning you need more than ten consecutive attempts), however, you will be demoted.

3) If you use the escape option on the map exploring the Tomb of the Unknown King you will immediately lose one SeeD level.

4) You can gain two SeeD levels at the Galbadian Missile Base. Always try to talk your way out of the encounters with the Galbadian soldiers that confront you and pass on the correct message to the soldier in the missile hangar (after having spoken to the two soldiers on the balcony). This will avoid accumulating penalty points. If you set the self-destruct timer at 10 minutes your points will not be affected. If you choose 20 minutes your evaluation points will decrease a little; at 40 minutes they will decrease considerably. I must admit that the fasted time that I have ever gotten out of there, and defeated the Boss is 14:57.

5) After defeating NORG, don't consent to show some magic to the boy outside the 2F classroom. If you do you will be told off and demoted.

6) You can be demoted before even taking the SeeD exam. If you show your Gunblade to the boy outside the 2F classroom you will be told off. You SeeD rank level will decrease by one upon graduation.

7) Use the dog to find Raijin during the Galbadian occupation of Balamb City in order to gain a SeeD Level.

8)Follow the Laguna statue sub-quest at Shumi Village right to the end to increase your evaluation points.

9) If you manage to defeat Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea deposit you will gain a SeeD level.

Thanks Goes to Official Strategy Guide By Piggyback For the Info

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